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United Space Structures Inc. (USS) aims to be the leader in the new Cislunar Ecosystem for Space Logistics and Lunar Infrastructure, with the intent of establishing economic activities and habitation on the Moon. We are a space startup, a disruptive innovator that is agile, responsive, and streamlined.


Cislunar space, the region between the Earth and the Moon or the moon’s orbit, is the ideal environment for proving the systems required for the eventual human exploration and settlement of Mars and beyond.

The Vision of USS

Developing Lunar Infrastructure for exploration and commerce that is scalable on the Moon, Mars, and beyond to enable a sustainable human presence for a spacefaring civilization.

The Mission of USS

Design and develop capabilities for Lunar Infrastructure that enable a thriving space economy by supporting humans working and living on the Moon and to be among the first companies to establish a presence on Mars.

A Revolution in Capability

Space logistics requires a revolution in capability to enable the full potential of the lunar economy. USS is exploring the application of advanced technologies to enhance its operations to, from, and around our future lunar locations.

USS has established valuable partnerships and Intellectual Property, and these are increasing by the day, with which to make our Vision a reality and accomplish our Mission.

To do this, USS has assembled a world-class team that is leading the charge to accelerate design, engineering, and development for Space Logistics and Lunar Infrastructure.

The USS Lunar Facility objective is to design, build, and operate our first large Lunar Facility in the 2030s. In our Lunar Facilities, we will provide tenants short and long-term lease options in a comfortable environment with sustainable living conditions. USS envisions essentially thus becoming the first real estate development firm for off-world properties.

Lunar Infrastructure will be critical to enabling the full range of business and research on the Moon with the ability to scale growth. USS aims to provide this infrastructure for information, robots, and humans.

This Lunar Infrastructure will enable the Earth-Moon ecosystem to thrive, creating a robust multi-industry lunar economy so that industry can flourish and humans can become a multi-planetary species. The USS infrastructure will be scalable and extensible to Mars further enabling a spacefaring civilization.



Cislunar Space Logistics

USS is researching technology with the potential to revolutionize transportation around the cislunar environment. We plan to fly a prototype of this technology along with the lunar data center prototype and survey missions to the Moon. If the prototype is successful, this would be a capability to enable rapid and responsive development and operations of the USS Lunar Infrastructure.

Lunar Data Center Network

USS plans to design, build, deliver, and operate Lunar Data Centers prior to, and in preparation for, building our large Lunar Facilities. The goal is to deploy Micro Data Centers (MDC) Information Infrastructure Network Node (I2N2) to distributed locations on the surface within a lunar lander to create a 6G networked capability to support teleoperated robotics operations.

This data storage and processing would be available for future Lunar activities and clients, and in the near term, these systems would be available for clients with ultra-secure data storage and processing needs.

Further, the Lunar Data Centers will require a small form factor with relatively low power and heat dissipation requirements yet maximum storage and edge computing. This same capability applied to terrestrial data centers would lower costs and increase sustainability.

Robots + AI

In order to rapidly, efficiently, and cost-effectively build and operate the Lunar Infrastructure, USS will need to deploy highly autonomous robot teams to cope with the transmission delay time and financial cost of telerobotics from Earth. USS has identified candidate technologies that can be integrated to achieve a high level of robust autonomy for these operations.

Many of the robots developed to enable and support the Lunar Infrastructure will have Earth-based applications, particularly adaptable to extreme environments where a high level of autonomy is required.

Lunar Lava Tube Survey Mission

Survey missions are required to gather geological information about the lava tubes that USS intends to build within. The information gathered would be unique and have an intrinsic monetary value that could be provided to researchers and corporations with Lunar interests.

We plan to process the data from an early survey mission in our Lunar Data Center Prototype to support proof of concept for the Lunar Data Center Prototype and to provide edge computing with low latency to enhance the survey mission results.

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