William H. Kemp

Co-Founder | President | Chief Executive Office | Board of Directors

Mr. Kemp is the founder and designer of USS space architectures and robotics used for construction. USS is in patent pending for our in-space architectures and robotics. Currently, USS has designed architecture and robotic systems for constructing large structures either on the moon or Mars within lava tubes. USS is currently planning for a 6-year research and development process for robotics and architecture. Construction will start in 2029 on the moon.

Award-winning program and project manager with more than thirty-five years of experience in mission-critical architecture, electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering design who has worked with large national/international architectural and engineering firms. Experienced in government and private industry with a focus on data centers/NOC, command centers, hospitals, and research facility design. Involved in all phases of the project—marketing/pitch, design/development, and construction administration. Consistently meet or exceed deadlines and respect the budget.

Rhonda Stevenson

Chief Operating Officer | Chairperson of Board of Directors

With a passion for building successful, abundant relationships within the space industry, Rhonda Stevenson now also serves as President and CEO of Orbital Assembly Corporation and, concurrently, as president and chief executive officer at the Tau Zero Foundation, Rhonda Stevenson is responsible for the global executive functions of the company. Rhonda was a member of Orbital Assembly’s executive advisory board. She brings nearly two decades of deep industry experience to United Space Structures.

Her leadership is focused on developing and delivering technology-driven business services and solutions, providing outstanding client service, and driving sustainable innovation in the space construction industry. In 2014 she founded Blue Elysium Enterprises as a vehicle for providing strategic and analytical executive consulting to technology companies. Early in her career, she served as Chief Marketing & Promotions Officer at Deep Space Industries. and she was the founder, and CEO of Space Mining and Resources Coalition.

Kriss J. Kennedy

Co-Founder | Chief Architect | Director of Architecture & Engineering | Board of Directors

Mr. Kennedy has been a licensed architect in Texas since 1995. Mr. Kennedy worked as a Space Architect for 30 years at NASA-JSC, retired December 2017. He is a recognized exploration habitat expert at NASA and the international aerospace community. Prior to designing space systems at NASA, Mr. Kennedy worked with numerous architectural firms in the United States. Currently, Mr. Kennedy is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Space Architecture at the University of Houston-Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture, a Space Architecture Consultant, and operates his terrestrial architecture practice.

Mr. Kennedy has held key leadership and management positions at NASA such as Project Manager of the Deep Space Gateway Habitat Internal Architecture Study project; key strategic roles in the Human Health and Performance Directorate, Deputy Project Manager of the Deep Space Habitat project; Manager of the Habitat Demonstration Unit Project; supported the Constellation Lunar Surface Systems Habitation Team; Lunar/Mars Architecture Team; ISS Hardware development, and Technology Strategic Roadmaps and development, among many other leadership positions in numerous space design projects. Mr. Kennedy has worked on over 45 NASA design projects and published over 60 papers in the field of aerospace human spacecraft design. Mr. Kennedy has 2 NASA patents, one of which is the “TransHab” (Inflatable Spacecraft) won the 2017 NASA Invention of the Year.

Mr. Kennedy is skilled in leadership, project management, strategic planning, space architecture, and space habitat expertise for future human exploration missions DDT&E. He has dedicated his career to the definition, development, and testing of exploration habitation systems and planetary surface base definition for the human exploration and expansion into Space, the Moon, and Mars.

James Wolff

Co-Founder | Chief Business Officer | Board of Directors

Mr. Wolff is an attorney and entrepreneur, developing a corporate portfolio of innovative and cutting edge startup companies including 3D printing technology, robotics, commercial space, and more. Mr. Wolff is admitted to the Appellate Division, First Department of New York State. He is a graduate of Johns Hopkins and New York Law School. He is an attorney in the Commercial and Real Estate Litigation Department of Sacco & Fillas LLP where he specializes in business formation, corporate governance, finance, intellectual property, and real estate law. He is also a volunteer Executive Board Member At-Large for the United Nations Association, serving on the Southern District Division of New York committee where he works with 2030 Sustainable Development Goal Agenda implementation. He has lectured on emerging technologies at institutions such as the New York City Bar Association, MIT, the New York County Lawyers Association, the Westchester Bar Association, the New York State Society of Certified Professional Accountants Litigation committee, and more. His portfolio of companies include co-founder of Deep Space Industries, an asteroid mining company, headquartered at NASA Ames in California; co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Orbital Assembly Corporation, a space hardware company developing space construction equipment including the Segment Truss Assembly Robot (STAR) and the rotating Voyager Space Station (, headquartered in California; co-founder of Space Initiatives Inc., a femto-sat space hardware company developing the Pixie transponder which has been recently awarded Air Force AFWERX development contracts, headquartered in Florida; Chief Financial Officer of Immortal Data Inc., a black-box aerospace company developing advanced data control systems for spacecraft (formerly X-Cor), headquartered in Virginia, and other companies in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, and biotech.

Board of Advisors

Bonnie Dunbar

Human Spaceflight / Astronaut

Gordon Roesler

DARPA, Repair satellites

Greg Chamitoff

Human Spaceflight / Astronaut

Howard Bloom

Space Politics

John Mankins

Vice President at Moon Village Association

Kathy Laurini

Spaceflight Programs Leadership

Scott Livingston

Investment Fund Raising

Shawna Pandya

MD, Space Medicine-Canada

Susan Holden Martin

Business, Management, Legal

Walter Willett

World-renowned Dietary Nutritional Expert