The Team

William H. Kemp

Founder, President, Chief Visionary Officer, Board of Directors

Mr. Kemp is an award-winning program and project manager with more than thirty-five years of experience in designing and building mission-critical facilities here on Earth, including 34 tier 4 data centers. Mr. Kemp is an expert in space architecture and construction robotics. He brings a wealth of experience in mission-critical architecture, electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering design from his career working with large national and international architectural and engineering firms.

Mr. Kemp is the Chief Designer and Project Manager of the USS micro datacenter project for lunar deployment. He developed the construction process sequences and robotics design for the construction of the three USS architectural building types. Mr. Kemp is involved in all phases of projects, including research, development, design, execution, and construction administration.

Rhonda Stevenson

Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer, Chairperson of the Board of Directors

As Chief Operating Officer and Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Rhonda Stevenson is responsible for the global executive functions of the company to drive sustainable commercial innovation in the space habitation and construction industry. 

Stevenson has more than 20 years of business leadership and entrepreneurial experience in the aerospace sector, and instills a passion for building successful relationships within the space industry.

Stevenson is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Orbital Assembly Corporation and heads two non-profit organizations ─ Space Mining and Resources Coalition, Inc., and Tau Zero Foundation ─ which are dedicated to pioneering advancements toward interstellar flight. She is the creator and host of the “Space Matters” show, a syndicated weekly digest of space industry activities and relevant conversations.

In 2013, Stevenson founded Blue Elysium Enterprises, which provided strategic executive consulting to technology companies. Earlier in her career, she was chief marketing and promotions officer at Deep Space Industries.

Kriss J. Kennedy

Co-founder, Chief Architect, Director of Architecture and Engineering, Board of Directors

Mr. Kennedy served as a Space Architect for 30 years at NASA-JSC, and is a recognized exploration habitat expert at in the international aerospace community. Prior to designing space systems at NASA, Mr. Kennedy worked with numerous architectural firms in the United States, and has been a licensed architect in Texas since 1995.

Currently Mr. Kennedy is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Space Architecture at the University of Houston-Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture, a Space Architecture Consultant, and operates a terrestrial architecture practice.

Mr. Kennedy has held key leadership and management positions at NASA such as Project Manager of the Deep Space Gateway Habitat Internal Architecture Study project, key strategic roles in the Human Health and Performance Directorate, Deputy Project Manager of the Deep Space Habitat project, and Manager of the Habitat Demonstration Unit Project.

He supported the Constellation Lunar Surface Systems Habitation Team, the Lunar/Mars Architecture Team, the ISS Hardware development, Technology Strategic Roadmaps and development, and numerous other leadership positions in space design projects.

Mr. Kennedy has worked on over 45 NASA design projects and published over 60 papers in the field of aerospace human spacecraft design. Mr. Kennedy has 2 NASA patents, one of which, the “TransHab” (Inflatable Spacecraft), won the 2017 NASA Invention of the Year.

Mr. Kennedy is skilled in leadership, project management, strategic planning, space architecture, and space habitat expertise for future human exploration missions DDT&E.

He has dedicated his career to the definition, development, and testing of exploration habitation systems and planetary surface base definition for the human exploration and expansion into space, to the Moon, and to Mars.

Mr. Wolff specializes in business formation, corporate governance, finance, intellectual property, and real estate law.

James A. Wolff, Esq.

Co-founder, Chief Business Officer, Board of Directors

Mr. Wolff received his undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University and his Juris Doctorate from New York Law School.

His corporate portfolio includes co-founder of Deep Space Industries, an asteroid mining and space utilities company based at NASA Ames Space Center, CFO of Immortal Data Inc., a space-hardware company spun-off of X-Cor Aerospace developing advanced aerospace hardware and recent recipient of FAA funding. He is also co-founder of Space Initiatives Inc., a company developing advanced femto-sat transponder aerospace hardware and recent recipient of Air Force funding.

Mr. Wolff is an Executive Board Member at-large for the United Nations Association, serving on the Southern District Division of the New York committee.

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